Chocolate pudding is a classic, and I'm never one to mess with a good thing just for the sake of trying something new. But I've been to a few restaurants lately that are offering their own boozy versions of the popular dessert, and it's gotten me to rethink my position pretty quickly.

The nice thing about adding a splash of booze to your favorite chocolate pudding recipe is you don't need much: a little goes a long way. Since chocolate has an assertive, bold flavor, you want to choose a booze with a distinct flavor as well: eschew vodkas or other clear liquors for more forward whiskey, bourbon or brandy. Here are a few promising recipes I'm looking forward to testing this spring; do you have any favorites?

5 Unique Boozy Chocolate Pudding:

Chocolate and Bourbon Pudding with Sea Salt and Crushed Pistachios (pictured) - Verses From my Kitchen
Boozy Dark Chocolate Pudding - Bell'Alimento
Chocolate Pudding with Bailey's Irish Cream - My Baking Addiction
Guinness Chocolate Pudding - Closet Cooking
Chocolate, Prunes and Brandy - River Cottage

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(Image: Verses From my Kitchen)