Ceiling Fans for Kitchens

Ceiling Fans for Kitchens

Regina Yunghans
Aug 5, 2010

Ceiling fans can be tough to incorporate into the kitchen: a room that is often small and already packed with equipment. But what you stand to gain from one in the heat of the summer is good reason to find a way. These are a few kitchens with fans that we think work quite well:

1 This fan by Fanaway actually has retractable blades. The fixture could become a plain old pendant when you don't want a fan in the kitchen.
2 This kitchen is open to an adjacent play space. The fan is over that area, but would still move air around the nearby kitchen, too.
3 A small fan keeps the air moving in this high-ceiling-ed kitchen.
4 A table fan is an option (and looks better than many ceiling fans) when a ceiling fan just won't fit in a small kitchen.

Watch out for upper cabinet door swings in small kitchens: Placing a ceiling fan in that zone just won't work! This scenario may necessitate a table fan like the one in image 4 above.

A couple of compact ceiling fans for low ceilings or small kitchens:

  • Concept by Minka Aire comes as small as a 44" diameter and a hugger style that holds close to the ceiling. Available with our without a light.
  • Diane Ceiling Fan by Atlas Fan Company (pictured below) is another one that takes up very little footprint. In a cage design, the fan oscillates and would look great in a utilitarian kitchen.

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(Images: Fanaway, Country Living, Missouri Department of Natural Resources, via Your Home Only Better)

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