Cassoulet, Easy French Meals & Pear and Ginger Pancakes

Most popular posts published September 24-30, 2010

Popular new posts from this past week included tips for perfect crêpes and for searing meat without smoke, as well as a discussion of French school food. Read on for these and the top 10.

15. Check This Out! Ginger-Infused Pear Pancakes
14. Help! I Set Off the Fire Alarms When Searing Meat!
13. French Cooking, The Easy Way
12. How To Make Perfect Crêpes: 5 Tips from Suzette
11. Crazy for Coconut! 10 Recipes Both Savory and Sweet

10. A Taste of Alsace-Lorraine: 8 Recipes to Try at Home

9. The Best Hot Chocolate on Earth? Café Angelina

8. The Semi-Secret Glories of Rotisserie Chicken

7. What the French Cook at Home: Cassoulet

6. French Buttercream: What's the Difference?

5. 5 Apple Treats We Have To Have Right This Second

4. 5 Easy French Meals from Clotilde of Chocolate & Zucchini

3. Why French Fries Aren't French But We Label Them As So

2. Mother Sauces: Are They Important for Home Cooks?

1. Who Eats A Better Lunch: You Or A French 3-Year-Old?

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