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We often think of escapes at this time of year as getaways to distant places. But another great escape is that into the animated world. One favorite cartoon kitchen that caught our imagination from the start was the one from Ratatouille.

All of that copper cookware! Those huge ranges with brass-trimmed hoods and rails! That black and white floor! And the skylights!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Then there's Linguini's small apartment kitchen (above). While a far cry from the professional one at Gusteau's, is also charming. In fact, we've gotta wonder if it's what started our preoccupation with attic kitchens.

Is there a favorite animated kitchen out there that you've escaped to on screen? Please share below - we'd love to check out some other awesome cartoon kitchens that have inspired you. And to see more of the kitchens from Ratatouille, visit Movie.aol.

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(Images: Movie.aol)