Canned Pumpkin, Best Pinot Noir, Bubble and Squeak, Bay Leaves, and Cooking With Leftovers

Top posts for November 10-16, 2008

Practical and frugal tips for cooking more with less ruled last week: we had tips on putting those cheese rinds to good use, ideas for dining solo, cheap cuts of meat for delicious winter eating, and the best pinot noirs under $20. These stories and more in last week's top posts! Click through the thumbnails above to go straight to the posts, and click through below to see more.

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Summer-to-Fall Breakfast: Oatmeal with Peaches

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Cooking with Leftovers: Bubble and Squeak

Quick Tip: Flavor Soups with Cheese Rinds

Dinner Quick: Tomato and White Bean Panade

Solo Eating: Tips on Cooking for One

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