Dinner by Candlelight, Three Ways

Lighting the dinner table with candlelight means - in my household, at least - simply placing a candle on the table (with a protective glass dish, of course). While this simple step is beautiful, here are three more ways to enjoy dinner by candlelight that are a bit more inspiring:

1: Candle Chandeliers For a permanent candlelight fixture, consider installing a chandelier powered by candlelight: the Agnes Candelabra by Lindsey Adelman is a striking aspirational one, and the Pillar Candle Chandelier from Restoration Hardware is a bit more down to earth.
2: On the Table Use a hurricane on the tabletop, or light small votives for an allover effect.
3: Candelabra Add a little formal flair with candelabra. Go classic or find a contemporary version like the Manhattan Taper Candelabra.

How do you bring candlelight to your dinner table?

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(Images: Lindsey Adelman, Restoration Hardware, Apartment Therapy Los Angeles, Motif Furniture)

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