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Q: I'm a single mom with a toddler. My usual cooking strategy is to make a few big casserole-type meals and eat leftovers throughout the week, but recently my son decided he doesn't like interesting food, so I'm either stuck with a boring meal or too many leftovers to finish.

We also wind up eating way too late on the nights I do cook. I'd love some suggestions from other working single parents. What do you like to cook that's quick, low-cost, healthy, tasty and good for picky eaters?

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Editor: Cori, here are a couple ideas for feeding kids with picky palates:

Two Soups My Kid Will (Almost) Always Eat

Pasta for Picky Eaters: 8 Recipes Kids Can Easily Pick Apart

Readers, do you have any suggestions for healthy, economical weeknight meals that appeal to both picky toddlers and adults?

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