Can You Recommend Good Stone Tile for the Kitchen Floor?

Can You Recommend Good Stone Tile for the Kitchen Floor?

Kelli Foster
Aug 24, 2015
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Q: I am redoing my kitchen and family/dining room. My question is about kitchen flooring: I have done so much research that my head is about to explode, and it keeps me from making other design decisions.

I'm only interested in using natural products, specifically natural stone.

No kitsch flooring that pretends to be something that it's not, such as tile that looks like wood.

At first I was looking at marble, but all of the articles I have read online have made me take a more serious look at other stone types, such as granite and slate. I am not a huge fan of tans or browns, so I am looking at something with gray/black or some fun color. A realtor suggested I use travertine, but I am not happy with the pits and general feel/look of the stone. My two current favorite choices are leathered black granite or a black slate.

Can you give some advice on a good kitchen stone tile? Thank you in advance.

Sent by Greg

Editor: Readers, do you have any advice for Greg on a good stone tile to use in this kitchen?

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