Do You Have a Recipe for Homemade Pigs-In-a-Blanket?

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Q: I'm hosting a baby shower in a couple of weeks, and the father-to-be is a huge fan of "pigs in a blanket" — mini smoky wieners wrapped up and baked in crescent roll dough.

I think it would be fun to do some variation of this, maybe with homemade dough. Do you know of any good recipes for a homemade version?

Sent by Ann

Editor: Ann, you could make a flaky biscuit dough and use that to wrap small sausages or bites of smoked chorizo. You could also use frozen puff pastry, as seen above. See more about those here:

Celebrating Chattanooga's Earth Day - At The Nesting Project

Readers, any ideas for Ann?

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(Image: The Nesting Project)

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