Can You Really Peel a Mango with a Drinking Glass?

Putting Tips to the Test in The Kitchn

Ripe mangoes are pure fruity bliss, but peeling them? Not so much. And yet, the reward is always worth the effort.

We recently came across a seemingly too-good-to-be-true tip, using a simple drinking glass to peel a mango in just a matter of seconds. And with no mess! This was one tip we had to try out.

The Original Tip

I originally read about this tip on BuzzFeed:

They shared a step-by-step photo tutorial and video from the Smart Cook YouTube channel.

The tip suggests that there is something far easier than the tried-and-true (and sometimes messy) method of peeling a mango with a knife. Instead, all you need is a sturdy glass and a little bit of coordination.

The Testing Method

First up: the mangoes. I deemed size and ripeness to be important factors in selecting the fruit. I realized large mangoes (which I seemed to find a lot of) might not fit in a standard-sized glass very well, or might not peel as evenly.

I selected a few mid-sized, fully ripe mangoes and a sturdy, standard-sized, everyday drinking glass for this test.

First, I sliced the mangoes from top to bottom along the pit, yielding two pieces of fruit. I placed the edge of the cut mango, where the skin meets the flesh, against the rim of the glass. With a little pressure, I pushed the mango down the side of the glass so the peel remained on the outside and the fruit on the inside.

The Results

Wow, this is the easiest and fastest way to peel a mango! The skin peels away from the fruit in one piece, and the mango flesh slides right into the glass.

It was much easier and a lot less messy that I expected. Aside from a few drops of mango juice that collected on the towel under the glass, there was no mess at all.

I tried this method a few times because it almost seemed to good to be true. A small amount of fruit remained on the skin, but the more times I used this method, the better I got at peeling away all of the fruit. It takes a little skill.

Verdict: This is a mind-blowing tip!

Final Notes

While this method is certainly quick, easy, and mess-free, it's not necessarily the most efficient way to cut a mango. There will still be unpeeled fruit around the pit, so those who value getting the most fruit off the mango are better off using the regular knife method:

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Will I use this new mango-peeling method going forward? Absolutely! Have you tried this method before?

(Image credits: Kelli Foster)