Can You Help Me Find This Ornate Baroque Plastic Cutlery?

Can You Help Me Find This Ornate Baroque Plastic Cutlery?

Faith Durand
Aug 3, 2012
Q: I've been searching for some baroque-looking plastic cutlery, and am coming up empty handed! I'm looking for something similar to the images below in clear or black, and I'm in need of large quantities. I've scoured the web, but was hoping one of your readers may know of a place I can get my hands on some in the NYC area. I know that Pandora design did an exclusive (and expensive) version a while back, but it seems that there were more affordable options out there at some point as well. Thanks in advance!

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Editor: These pieces pictured here seem to be from a shop in New Zealand — have you checked into shipping costs? They seem relatively reasonably priced; perhaps you could arrange shipping here?

Black Vintage Style Plastic Cutlery 16pce at Vanilla Cupcake

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(Image: Vanilla Cupcake)

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