Can You Eat Carrot Tops?

Anytime I buy carrots with green leafy tops and trim them off, I put them in the compost bin. It always feels like such a waste to me, so I started wondering - can you eat carrot tops? As it turns out, yes, you can!Carrot greens are full of vitamins and minerals, and have a high potassium content, so they are good for you. However, they have a very bitter taste, which explains why they usually end up in the compost bin. There is some debate that carrot tops were among the bitter greens served at the first Passover in Egypt.

They can be eaten raw in salads if you like a little bitterness in your food. Chopping them up finely with some garlic and vinegar can cut the bitterness, and this makes a simple "pesto vinaigrette" that can be spread on bread or used as a marinade. Carrot tops can be sauteed with other vegetables with olive oil and garlic, and added to a variety of dishes such as casseroles, pizzas, and burritos. They can be cooked into soups and stews, and added to eggs.

The Carrot Museum has a bunch of recipes for carrot greens here, and they all look tasty!

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(Image: Kathryn Hill)