Can I Use Splenda or Non-Sugar Sweeteners in Sorbet?

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Q: Can I use Splenda or other low-cal sweetners to make simple syrups and lower the calorie count in summer treats like sorbets?

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Editor: Sarah, the main problem with using non-sugar sweeteners, especially artificial ones like Splenda, is that they don't change the freezing temperature of the sorbet. Sugar is essential in most sorbets because they keep the texture from getting rock hard. (Think ice cube or flaked ice; the reason sorbets don't freeze that hard is because of the sugar content.)

As discussed in this forum you could, however, experiment with alcohol to keep the sorbet from freezing rock-solid.

Here is one more recipe that looks interesting; it uses agave nectar.

Sugar-Free Strawberry Sorbet Recipe at CHOW

Readers have you ever made a sugar-free sorbet or other frozen treat? What worked for you?

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(Image: elanaspantry via CHOW)

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