Can I Salvage My Over-Salted Sausage?

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Q: My husband and I made a batch of homemade sausage for the first time this past weekend, and accidentally oversalted it.

Is there any way we can salvage it? We froze about 10 pounds, and I'd hate to throw it all away, but it's pretty inedible in its current state.

Sent by Jennifer

Editor: Jennifer, our first thought is to use the sausage purely for flavoring other dishes. You could brown it thoroughly, then throw in peppers and tomatoes, and cook the whole thing down into a rich sauce for pasta. You could do something similar, but turn it into a soup base. Then the flavor of the sausage is well-used, but the salt is spread throughout the dish.

Readers, any advice for Jennifer?


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(Image: Sarah Rae Trover)

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