Can I Prepare Smoothies The Night Before?

Can I Prepare Smoothies The Night Before?

Emma Christensen
Jan 31, 2014
(Image credit: Sarah Rae Smith)

Q: Can I make breakfast smoothies, especially green smoothies, the night before I want to drink them? My roommate's room is right next to the kitchen, and I'm the first one up in the morning, so making a fresh smoothie before I go to work would be out of the question as far as considerate roommating is concerned.

Can I make a smoothie in the evening and stick it in the fridge until morning? Or will it become gross and brown overnight?

Sent by Claudia

Editor: I say give it a try! I don't think it would turn brown, but you might see some separation. If you store it in something like a mason jar, you should be able to just shake it up again.

Readers, have any of you tried this? Any good tips?

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