Can I Make Brownies on the Grill or Stovetop?

Can I Make Brownies on the Grill or Stovetop?

Faith Durand
Jun 3, 2010

Q: I'm currently living in Thailand, and like most Thai homes my kitchen doesn't have an oven. I also don't have a microwave. A friend of mine really likes brownies, and I was wondering if there is any way to make them using just a grill or stove top.

Sent by Mick

Editor: Mick, what an interesting question! One thought is to try a waffle maker, with a thick brownie batter. Check out this post for some tips:

Fast Way to Bake Cookies: Use a Waffle Iron

Also, this blog talks about using a panini press to cook brownies, and another blog does indeed show that you can grill brownies. We have baked bread on the grill, in fact, and we think that if you can regulate the temperature, this would be a great way to make a batch of smoky-tasting brownies!

Readers, any tips or good ideas for Mick?

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