Burned! Bursting Chocolate Bag

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We were in a hurry, baking meringues for a wedding reception, losing count of how many batches we'd made so far. The last batch of coconut meringues was tasty but not so pretty, so we decided to drizzle chocolate over them, using the most foolproof method we know.

We were in a time crunch and decided to melt the chocolate in the microwave, instead of on the stove. The chocolate was a little stiffer than usual, but we plowed ahead. We had hardly started our second tray of meringues when the bag burst, dumping globs of thick chocolate all over the cookies and the stove! But the story doesn't end there.

The exact same thing happened ten minutes later, with a thicker bag and a just-as-thick set of chocolate. Afraid of burning the chocolate in the microwave, we had still left it too thick.

Lesson learned: Learn from your mistakes, which is the point of Burned. Also, sometimes the longer way of doing something in the kitchen actually turns out to be the shorter; if we had melted the chocolate on the stove like we usually do, everything would have been fine.

We're here to blog all parts of our cooking lives: triumphs, questions, and the total disasters too. Ready to share your flops too? Send a photo and a brief summary of your kitchen disaster to chris AT apartmenttherapy DOT com. Please put BURNED in the subject line.

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