There are certain ingredients I will spend more on, like local honey, really good miso and organic peanut butter. The last thing I want to do is waste a single drop of those ingredients — or my grocery money — by leaving some stuck in a measuring spoon. One way I avoid that pitfall is by measuring oil first.

Though my new measuring spoons are awesome, they have corners that can trap precious bits of peanut butter or other favorite ingredients. All it takes is a little grease to coat the spoon and those ingredients slide right into the bowl.

→ We've mentioned this tip before: Measure Oil First, Honey Second

It's worth repeating, though, especially when we're trying to squeeze every last penny out of expensive ingredients. My miso-flavored greens need oil, so it goes in the spoon before being heated in the pan. Baked goods with honey often include oil or butter. Honey Tabasco salad dressing is a lot less messy to make now.

This tip also makes it easier to measure exact amounts, which can be particularly important in baking. It's the little things that make life easier in the kitchen!

And if my recipe doesn't call for oil or butter? I can always lick the spoon.