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Beer cocktails have come a long way since the Irish Car Bombs and Black & Tans of our college days. These new beer-based mixed drinks are sophisticated affairs made with craft brews, seasonal ingredients, and top-shelf liquors. Here are a few that are worthy of your next dinner party.

Beer Cocktails to Try:

The Stout Diplomat from Epicurious: Stout, rum, and sherry
Bubbly Manhattan from Food52: IPA, rye whiskey, and vermouth
Black Velvet from Esquire: Stout and champagne
Stale Pale Ale Martini from It's Pub Night: Pale ale, gin, and olives
Sidewalker from Gilt Taste: Wheat beer, apple brandy, cider vinegar, and maple syrup

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Have you had a good beer cocktail lately?

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(Image: Shannon Sturgis/StarChefs.com via Gilt Taste and Heather Tyree/Epicurious)