Brown Bag Thursday: Project Lunch Box

Brown Bag Thursday: Project Lunch Box

Chris Phillips
Oct 5, 2006

The biggest hurdle that's keeping me from bringing my lunch to work on a regular basis is the lunch box. I can't settle on the best way to bring lunch to work. Here's a look at four finalist lunch boxes for grown ups.

An Updated Classic: This Nylon Lunchsack with Velcro Tab (The Container Store, $4.99) is a comfortable, practical choice and the least expensive to boot. It has the look of a brown paper lunch sack, but is larger and more durable. It would work well for bringing a sandwich and an apple and could also handle leftovers. The Container Store suggests using with a reusable ice mat ($4.99). Too bad the ice mat makes lunch feel heavy, especially if you can't get a seat on the subway.

Stainless Steel: If you're looking for something different and tend to carry a hot lunch rather than a sandwich, Zojirushi Mr. Bento Stainless-Steel lined Lunch Jar (, $42.79) could be the lunch kettle for you. The separate insulated containers are great, but are not dishwasher safe. The carrying case might be just a bit too geeky for every day use.

So New York:
Though the Built Lunch Tote (Built NY, $19.95) is made with beachy scuba gear fabric, it just looks like something a city person would use to bring lunch into the office. It's machine washable and goes flat when not in use, perfect to stick into a desk drawer at work and easily store in the kitchen when not in use.

Discontinued: This choice comes from Vessel, the creators of the Candela re-chargeable 'candle'. Vessel says they've discontinued the item because they need to make some adjustments. I appreciate how well thought out this is, it feels almost architectural. I think this was created to work as a set of dishes you keep at work, rather than a true lunch carrier. Let's hope the new model is more portable.

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