Bringing It Back! Lazy Susans for Family Mealtimes

Bringing It Back! Lazy Susans for Family Mealtimes

Emma Christensen
Feb 25, 2010

These handy rotating serving platters were once a fixture on every dining room table, but you really don't see lazy susans all that often anymore. We think they're really quite handy! Maybe it's just a case of nostalgia, but we've been thinking about finding one of our own.

Lazy susans really earn their keep at meal times. All the communal dishes can be arranged on top and everyone at the table can serve themselves without reaching over each other or having to pass a lot of awkward, heavy dishes. As kids, we remember this being especially nice because we could serve ourselves instead of always asking a grownup for help. (Plus spinning the top was infinite amounts of fun!)

Here are a few stylish lazy susans we've come across:

Hand-crafted Wood Lazy Susan from Appcraftsmen via Etsy, $75
Snudda Lazy Susan from Ikea, $16.99
Vintage Wood Lazy Susan from Target, $19.99 - with poka dots!
Dark Walnut Lazy Susan from, $19.99

Do you use a lazy susan?

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(Image: Flickr member todbaker licensed under Creative Commons)

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