Amy Winehouse
(Image credit: Sarah Rosado )

Yet another reason to not skip breakfast! As artist Sarah Rosado shows in her recent project with breakfast cereal, you could be missing out on some serious artistic inspiration. Rosado uses Corn Flakes to create portraits of her favorite musicians – Amy Winehouse, John Lennon, and Slash among the bunch. The delicate cereal is crushed up or left whole to create a dynamic face. Hungry yet? Grab a cup of coffee and let your eyes feast.

Rosado explains the inspiration for these musician portraits came when she was eating breakfast and listening to R&B music. "Music has never tasted so good," she thought, and thus Corn Flake art was born.

Here are a few of my favorites from the cornflake collection:

John Lennon

(Image credit: Sarah Rosado )

Michael Jackson

(Image credit: Sarah Rosado )


(Image credit: Sarah Rosado)


(Image credit: Sarah Rosado )

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