Get Your Fruitcake Fix with Bien Fait

Faith’s Daily Find 12.18.15

Bourbon Fruitcake from Bien Fait Cakes

• $17

How do you feel about fruitcake? Is it a treasured tradition or a doorstop of a punchline? Personally, I love it so much, and I look forward to it every year at the holidays. There's just something about all that delicious fruit, soaked in booze and swirled together in a spicy batter. I know many of you aren't fans, but these cakes from Bien Fait may change your mind.

Brandied Fruitcake from Bien Fait Cakes

• $17

This small Vermont company sent me a few of their fruitcakes a couple years ago, and I was blown away then by their homemade taste and rich flavor — chunks of real fruit barely held together by a boozy cake.

The really lovely thing about this company, however, is that they donate 100 percent of their profits to charity, and they also use mostly local ingredients and do not contain any artificial colorings (nope, no neon red cherries here).

I am definitely in the pro-fruitcake camp, and I think these should win some fans over as well.

(Image credits: Bien Fait Cakes; Bien Fait Cakes)