Braising Contest Honorable Mentions 2007: Anne's Braised Hoisin Beer Short Ribs

(Last week we announced that we would be awarding nineteen Honorable Mentions in our Braising Contest. All of these entrants will be receiving an Apartment Therapy T-Shirt. Over the next week or so we will now try to methodically and swiftly present them all to you with all the winning photos and recipes. Another cold week here in NYC: braise on!)

Anne's Braised Hoisin Beer Short Ribs

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Best Invitation (Is it too late to have some?!)

Recipe and Anne's comments below...

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From Anne: This was a FANASTIC way to spend my sunday. I made braised short ribs with wasabi mash and sesame snow peas. As a short ribs fanatic and foodie living right here in New York, I've tasted ribs from all the best restaurants, and NOTHING compares to this recipe.

Here is the recipe from the Food Network that she used. She also some suggestions for alterations:

For the ribs:
• Use BLUE MOON beer
• Use crystallized ginger
• Use only enough hoisin sauce to baste

For the mash:
• Add plenty of wasabi (Don't be shy...when you think you have enough, add some more)

For the snow peas:
• Add black roasted sesames (more flavor, and looks more striking)

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