Braising Contest Awards 2007: Honorable Mentions Pt. II of III

(This contest was totally impossible to judge. We had so many amazing Braises that in addition to our top five places, we've had to create new categories - and prizes! - in order to honor the talent, wit and skill of these amazing Braisons and Braisettes. Each entry gets its own post, recipe included, in the next few weeks. Grand Prize winners announced tomorrow. More after the jump.)

Best Less-Is-More Braise

Title: Braised Carrots
Chef: Kristina

Best Use Of The Blog (Guido used a recipe posted just days before on The Kitchen)

Title: Korean-Style Oven-Browned Short Ribs
Chef: Guido

Best Almost-Vegan Braise

Title: Braised Turnips with Leek Greens and Parsley
Chef: Jessica

Most Honest ("Tasty recipe, but not so tasty that I'd make it again.")

Title: Moroccan Braised Beef
Chef: Josh

Most Economical

Title: Macedonian Pork with Leeks
Chef: Jordanna

Best Team Effort

Title: Braised Pork Steak
Chefs: Mr. & Mrs. Matthew & Kathy