Braising Contest Honorable Mentions 2007: Matthew and Kathy's Braised Pork Steak

(The nineteen amazing Honorable Mentions in our Braising Contest will each receive an Apartment Therapy T-Shirt. We are methodically and swiftly presenting them all to you with the winning photos and recipes. Another cold week here in NYC: braise on!)

Matthew and Kathy's Braised Pork Steak

Best Team Effort

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We liked Matthew and Kathy's team effort - working (and blogging!) on this together.

Matthew says: My wife and I braised some pork shoulder steak for your Braising Contest. We adapted the recipe from one in the January 2007 Bon Appetit. While it did take us about 4 hours from start to finish to complete the dish, it was worth the effort and it made a wonderful Sunday dinner. This one's a keeper.

Go to Matthew and Kathy's food blog A Good Appetite for the recipe!