Bosa's Dedo Spice Sticks

We love the concept of these Dedo Spice Sticks - why be limited to plain old salt and pepper on your dining table? These color-coded Spice Sticks let you mix it up...

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There are four ceramic sticks in this Dedo Spice Sticks set. You can mix up your table seasonings with a little garam masala, sesame salt, curry powder, smoked paprika, or another spice to shake over salads and potatoes. Maybe you like it hot but your partner doesn't? Keep a shaker of hot pepper on the table.

As much as we like the concept, though, we have to take issue with the execution. These shakers are all of $70, and they're out of stock until further notice. We recommend getting a small set of clear glass shakers and doing this yourself - inspired by this cute little set.