Earlier today we asked you about your favorite ice cream toppings. (Hot fudge and caramel are definitely the leaders!) Here now are our own favorites: 12 toppings, from peanut butter granola to boozy cherries, that dress up any ice cream into an indulgent sundae.

Here are a few past ice cream toppings from The Kitchn.

Our Favorites
1 Balsamic Vinegar - Yes, that's right. A really, really good balsamic is amazing on top of ice cream.
2 DIY Magic Shell Sauce - Homemade version of a childhood favorite.
3 Whipped Cream - Cream on top of frozen cream. Oh yeah.
4 Salted Pistachio Brittle - Crack a few shards of this over some pistachio ice cream!
5 Honey Roasted Peanuts - Fancied-up peanuts. Great on chocolate ice cream.
6 Chocolate Curls - Great way to top a sundae.
7 Rhoda’s Peppermint Hot Fudge Sauce - Very yummy.
8 Boozy Cherries - Nora made these for her cocktails, but we'd love to try them on ice cream too.
9 Brown Sugar-Brandy Sauce - This boozy sauce is utterly delicious. Try it on ice cream!
10 Peanut Butter and Honey Granola - Why save granola just for breakfast?
11 Cherries in Red Wine - A rich, grownup topping.
12 Chunky Peach Pancake Topping - Not just for pancakes.

And a few more...
Dulce de Leche
DIY Hot Fudge Sauce
Chocolate Ganache
Marsala Simmered Peaches

Look for even more ice cream toppings and buffet ideas tomorrow.

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