Bizarre Egg Gadgets, Coleslaw's Best Ingredient, the Secret to Fluffy Restaurant Pancakes, and Make-Ahead Egg Recipes

Most Popular Posts Published September 2 - 8

Happy weekend, folks! This past week was EGG WEEK on The Kitchn! Popular posts include a look at the amazing truffled egg toast from New York's 'ino, a roundup of the most unnecessary (and bizarre) egg gadgets on the market, a restaurant secret to making the world's fluffiest pancakes, and 10 make-ahead breakfast recipes with eggs. Enjoy!

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7. The Most Unnecessary Egg Gadgets Ever

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3. Coleslaw's Surprising (and Best) Ingredient

2. The Restaurant Secret to Making the World's Fluffiest Pancakes

1. 15 Fresh Ways to Eat an Egg

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