Birthday Party Beautification: Dress Up a Chandelier!

Got a chandelier or pendant light over your dining table? Well, then you already have the perfect foundation for some really special party decor. All you have to do is dress it up a bit and you have an eye-catching centerpiece for any birthday celebration. Some ideas for doing so are pictured here and outlined after the jump:

1: Go soft and casual by knotting loose ribbons overhead.
2: Clump balloons and tissue poms around the light for a pleasant glow.
3: Channel the 1920s with the shimmy of a little fringe.
4: Dense streamers can cover anything - even ceiling fans!
5: Starting at the fixture as your center point, fan out to create a room-sized starburst.

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(Images: Simplified Bee, Save the Date 4 Cupcakes, The Sweetest Occasion, Strumpets Crumpets, Housing a Forest)