Beyond Sprouted Avocado Pits: What Are Your Grow-Your-Own Success Stories?

Beyond Sprouted Avocado Pits: What Are Your Grow-Your-Own Success Stories?

Stephanie Barlow
Feb 25, 2011

Everyone has tried to grow their own avocado in the kitchen with just a few toothpicks and a glass of water. I can't seem to remember getting past the sprouting stage, however. The New York Times reported on growing seeds from every day produce this week. What are your growing success stories?

The article is more of a discussion about the idea of growing food than an actual guide. There are quite a few obstacles to consider when planting red beans and lentils, for example. By trial and error, Michael Tortorello basically explains why you won't be successful growing your own star anise and figs, among other foods. One problem is that produce can be treated in such a way (flash-frozen, vacuum sealed, irradiated) that the seeds will never be fertile. Another is the time it takes for these plants to mature and produce fruit. Can you handle an 8 foot avocado tree in your kitchen?

I read this piece looking for an ultimate growing guide and it never quite got there. I've never been tempted to grow from my own produce, except for saving seeds from an heirloom tomato once, and finally throwing them away years later. I do think it's an interesting idea, especially in the case of local and heirloom produce.

Have you ever grown seeds from your produce or cupboard? What are your success stories?

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