Beyond Lemon: 3 More Fruit Curds to Try

Beyond Lemon: 3 More Fruit Curds to Try

Stephanie Barlow
Jun 27, 2012

Summer has finally arrived and now, instead of wondering when all the fresh fruit will show up at the market, you may find yourself wondering just what to do with it all. Sure, jams and pies are great this time of year, but what about making fruit curd? Yes, you can make it with more than just lemon! Read on for some fresh fruit curd ideas.

To create a fruit curd, you need little more than an acidic fruit, egg yolks, sugar, and butter. What results is far richer than jam and an automatic craveable topping for everything from biscuits to tarts.

Melissa Clark shares her recipes for rhubarb, mango-lime, and raspberry-rose curds, plus a twist on the classic lemon curd below at Gilt Taste. What's your favorite fruit curd?

Get the recipes:
Four Fruit Curd Recipes to Celebrate Summer at Gilt Taste

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(Images: Matt Armendariz/Gilt Taste)

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