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Cocktails beg for snacks, and in our house, when we think snacks we usually go for simple crackers and good cheese. Alternatively, if we're having people over, I love making bar nuts tossed with olive oil and herbs. But with the ushering in of a new season comes the drive to do something new in the kitchen, so lately I've been looking for snack ideas beyond store-bought crackers and bar nuts. 

I find that the most satisfying part about having appetizers with cocktails is the crunch factor. While I love creamy herb-flecked dips, hummus, and guacamole, you've got to have something substantial and crunchy to scoop them up with. So here are a few of my favorite ideas — some great on their own, some just begging for your best dip or spread. 

What's your very favorite crunchy happy hour snack?

Try a Recipe!

  1. Smoked Paprika Popcorn - Eat Your Greens
  2. Za'atar Pita Chips with Yogurt Dip - Stephanie Barlow for The Kitchn
  3. Prosciutto Dijon Gruyere Puffs - Joy the Baker
  4. Homemade Wheat Thins - Smitten Kitchen
  5. Salsa Trio and Homemade Tortilla Chips - Martha Stewart
  6. Crispy Roasted Chickpeas - Steamy Kitchen
  7. Parmesan Cheese Straws - The Food Network 

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(Images: Eat Your Greens)