Best Products: Lee Valley Stainless-Steel Rasp and Zester Holder

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When Jill came back from photographing Alex and John's home in Vermont, she came back with a big recommendation for Lee Valley's stainless steel rasp grater. This really was designed as a wood rasp before a Lee Valley woodworker's wife began using it in her kitchen. The rest is history. It is super-effective in grating cheese, garlic and nuts as well as zesting fruit.

"Alex showed me and this is an amazing grater. I used it and really liked it. It is very sharp and produces fine shavings. Alex uses it for garlic, cheese and lemon zest," says Jill.

While we are big MicroPlane fans, we love how this design integrates a base/holder that allows you to catch all your shavings and then direct them where you want them. We also like the price - $12.95. (Thanks, Alex & Jill!)

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