Best Product: KitchenAid Butter Warmer

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My husband, you see, makes a funny chocolate sauce by melting chocolate with some heavy cream, and then he pours it on just about anything. Despite what I've told him about the merits of double boiling, he continues on.

Until recently, we didn't have the right pan for him to do his naughty little job. And come to think of it, we thought to ourselves, we didn't have the right pan for warming up milk for morning teas and coffees either.

Enter, the butter warmer.

This KitchenAid 2-cup Butter Warmer has brought peace and harmony to our kitchen. And I'm finding that I use it constantly to melt butter and to reduce small amounts of liquid.

It's one of those products that has a list price of $60, but you can find it pretty much anywhere else for around half that. I got mine at Broadway Panhandler for about $30. ($29.75) ($29.99) ($29.95)

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