Best Pans to Crumb-Free Icing: 25 Tips for Perfect Cakes

Best Pans to Crumb-Free Icing: 25 Tips for Perfect Cakes

Emma Christensen
May 19, 2011

Nine times out of ten, if we're baking a cake, it's going to be for something special: someone's birthday, a new baby, a co-worker's retirement. We want it to be perfect and we definitely don't want to find ourselves in the midst of a baking dilemma halfway through the project. Bookmark this list: it has all our very best tips for making your very best cake.


Five Essential Baking Pans
What is the Most Universal Size of Cake Pan?
How to Line a Cake Pan with Parchment
Grease and Sweeten Your Cake Pans
Don't Use Butter to Coat Your Pans
What is Cake Flour?


DIY Yellow Cake
Dark Chocolate Cake
Strawberry Milk Cake
Ina Garten's Lemon Cake Recipe (Recipe Review)
Funfetti Cake
No-Mixer, One-Bowl Cake Recipe


Measuring: Dip and Sweep
How to Fold Batter
How to Sift Flour (Without a Sifter)
How to Divide Cake Batter Evenly Between Pans
How to Tell When Cake is Finished Baking
Freeze Pre-Baked Cakes


How to Frost a Layer Cake
Cake Frosting Tip: Leave the Sides Naked
How to Frost Cakes without Making a Mess
Polka-Dot Cake: Smart and Easy Decorated Cake Idea
Decorating Technique: Piping
Three Tips for Writing Messages in Icing
Crafty Kitchen! Online Sources for Candy and Cake-Decorating

What are your best tips for cake baking and decorating?

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(Images: Faith Durand and Rebekah Peppler)

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