Best Lick! Ice Cream Contest 2008: Contest Update

Best Lick! Ice Cream Contest 2008: Contest Update

Faith Durand
Aug 29, 2008
26 entries later... Ice Cream Month and our Best Lick! 2008 contest were quite a blast. We had even more entries than expected, so we'll leave voting open on the last several entries for a couple more days. (Each entry gets three days of reader voting.) That means it will all wrap up this weekend and then we'll have winners! Until then, click through to see all of the entries. There's some terrific inspiration here for late summer ice cream. How about a batch or two for Labor Day? Browse all the recipes and thumbnails below and click through to vote on the last few entries. Thank you to everyone who entered; it was so inspiring to see all your hard work and good ideas! Happy churning, and good luck to the entrants!

Contest Information

Go here for the full scoop on the Best Lick! 2008 contest. • The Best Lick! Ice Cream Contest: 2008 Edition

Best Lick! 2008 Entries

Here's a list of all the entries. Click the thumbnail to go to the entry. The last few still have voting open! Click through and vote for your favorites! Roasted Apricot Ice Cream with Almond Praline RippleChocolate Gelato with Salted Caramel PecansCoconut Peach Ice Cream with Toasted AlmondsCinnamon Raisin Bagel Ice CreamBlueberry Brie Tart Ice CreamGrape Ice CreamBasil Infused Ginger and Cinnamon Ice CreamRosemary-Lime Sparkle Ice CreamMango Lassi Frozen Yogurt with Pistachio Biscotti BitsVisions of Sugar Plum Ice CreamCherry Cheesecake Ice CreamApple Chardonnay Ice Cream with Bulgarian Sheep CheeseMint Raspberry with a Chocolate SwirlSpice Cream with a TwistPeach Goat Cheese Ice Cream with Salted, Roasted Pistachios and a Balsamic Bay Leaf ReductionPink Lemonade Ice CreamNo Churn Lychee and Raspberry Swirl Ice Cream with Merlot Poached PearsJanine's Blueberry Basil Ice CreamGrand Marnier Apricot Ice Cream With AlmondsOvaltine Chocolate Chunk Chunk Ice CreamBlueberry Coffeecake Ice Cream "Cone"Coconut and Thai Basil Ice CreamMango Chili Ice CreamCreamy Espresso CrunchKey Lime Dream Ice CreamVegan Vanilla Coconut Ice Cream (Image: Rachel's Ovaltine Chocolate Chunk Ice Cream)
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