(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Kitchen tours are one of our favorite things, here at The Kitchn. It's a privilege to peek into another cook's kitchen and to see how they set up their space and what sorts of things they like to cook with. We find so much inspiration in these tours; from small to large, beautiful to plain, professional to new chef, they all give us good ideas and encouragement to make our own spaces as functional as possible.

Here is a look back at our kitchen tours from 2008.

  1. Devesh and Tara's Spice Pantry - Beautiful photos and great spice storage solutions.
  2. Dutch's Renovation Done Right - Walk through a renovation of a tiny New York City kitchen.
  3. At Home in Paris with David Lebovitz - A visit with a favorite cookbook author and blogger in Paris. (Check out his repurposed Champagne bucket.)
  4. Swedish Kitchen Tour: Chez Larsson - A light, bright, Swedish kitchen.
  5. Joanne Weir's Live/Work Laboratory - Another tour from a popular cookbook author, this time in San Francisco. A working fireplace and a beautiful copper pot collection!
  6. A Visit With Bento Expert Biggie of Lunch In a Box - Bento heaven!
  7. Robert and Elizabeth's Soulful Sterling Place - A vintage beauty in Brooklyn, equipped with quirky antiques.
  8. Ragdale House Travels Through Time - A lovingly maintained historic site, now a retreat for artists.
  9. A Tour of London's Bookshop Café Books for Cooks - A bookshop for cookbook lovers in London, with a marvelous little kitchen.
  10. Eric Gower's Breakaway Kitchen with Annex - Author and chef Eric Gower's little San Francisco kitchen.
  11. Eric Haeberli of We Love Jam - Eric makes the apricot jam we adore. Here's his gleaming home kitchen where the magic happens!
  12. Dan Kluger's Brooklyn "Real Chef" Kitchen - How does a real chef cook at home? Pizza and giant rolls of plastic wrap turn up in this tour.
  13. Alli's Vintage Hacienda - A vintage kitchen in Los Angeles with a big, beautiful stove and some creative wine storage ideas in the dining room.
  14. A Lovely 'Before' from Rena and Derek - A new favorite from San Francisco. A small, easy renovation with beautiful results.