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Please vote for your choice for the Best Food Photography on a Blog here. Choose your favorite finalist and then check out the full list of nominations below to discover some great new-to-you blogs.

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Best Healthy Cooking Blog
Best Recipe Blog
Best Home Design & Inspiration Blog
Best Home Projects & DIY Blog
Best Family & Kids Blog

Nominations are now closed and finalist voting is underway through February 13. Please vote for your favorite of the six finalists above. Thanks!
Past Home Cooking Blog Winners
(not eligible to be nominated again)

Best Recipe Blog

    2012 Munchin with Munchkin

Best Healthy Cooking Blog
    2012 The Clothes Make The Girl

Best Food Photography on a Blog
    2012 Nom Nom Paleo

Home Cooking (Retired Category)
    2010-11 Gina's Skinny Recipes (SkinnyTaste)
    2009 Smitten Kitchen
    2008 Vegan Explosion

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