Behold! The Donut Cutter of Your Dreams

Behold! The Donut Cutter of Your Dreams

Ariel Knutson
Sep 25, 2013

In this mesmerizing video from Tasting Table, we see Corey Cova of Dough Loco in East Harlem, New York make some seriously gorgeous doughnuts. Most importantly, however, amidst the copious amounts of dough and pink glaze, around 00:52 of the video, you will see what is arguably the most badass doughnut cutter in existence.

Let's look a little closer, shall we?

This is the beautiful doughnut cutter:

This is the doughnut cutter being a total badass:

And these are the awesome doughnuts it creates:


(Video: Todd Coleman for Tasting Table)

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