(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

Did you see the rental kitchen (well, whole apartment, really) in The New York Times that was transformed by its tenants? They received a substantial reduction in rent and a long-term lease in exchange for renovating their Brooklyn apartment. Take a look at this kitchen before the renovation!

As renters, we are always avidly interested in stories of other renters making a decision to renovate their home. Depending on your situation and your rent agreement, sometimes it's worth it to put some work and investment into a rental home.

This couple, Todd and Marlene Capron, totally renovated this 700-sf Brooklyn apartment, paying special attention to the kitchen. They used IKEA cabinets and countertop, although they did modify the countertop and lighten it with a white stain. The used LACK shelves, too.

We love the final result; it's very inspiring to those of us who live with kitchens that look a lot more like the before shot!

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(Images: Todd and Marlene Capron; Fred R. Conrad for The New York Times