Before & After: Two Changes that Make a Huge Difference

Before & After: Two Changes that Make a Huge Difference

This kitchen doesn't look too shabby, right? Well, this is the before. The after looks fairly similar, but with some really smart changes that greatly improve functionality without requiring a complete transformation. Can you spot them below?

The biggest improvement, we think, is the cabinets. So many standard kitchens have cabinets that don't reach the ceiling—such wasted, dusty space! The new cabinets add much more storage where you can put items you don't need every day.

The other crucial change is the overhang of the countertop, which creates a breakfast bar. Such a simple, subtle design tweak, and yet it completely transforms the countertop into a much more usable space.

Of course, there are upgrades in the materials and the backsplash tiles, too. But overall these are relatively inexpensive changes you can make without demolishing the entire room or reconfiguring the layout.

See the renovation at Canadian House & Home

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(Images: Mark Burstyn and Andrew Grinton/Canadian House & Home)

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