Before and After: Biggie’s Bento-Inspired Kitchen

Last week we posted a tour of Biggie’s well-organized, bento-inspired kitchen. We all know that people usually spiff up a bit before the camera arrives, but Biggie took our visit as an opportunity to do some deep reorganization work. How deep? Take a look...

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We say we’re going to get serious about those messy cupboards and drawers one of these days but it usually takes something major, like a renovation or a move, to inspire us to really take up the task. In Biggie’s case, it was the terrifying thought of countless strangers peering into her spice cupboard.

• Visit Lunch in a Box for more before and after shots and Biggie’s tips, inspired by her Japanese housekeeping books, on how to organize your kitchen.

So throughly did she take this on, by the way, that this is simply the first installment in her Kitchen Reorganizing Series. Impressive!

(All images: Lunch In a Box)

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