Before & After: Vanessa's Mini Chef's Kitchen

Before & After: Vanessa's Mini Chef's Kitchen

The Kitchn
Jul 22, 2014

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New York, NY
United States
About my kitchen reveal:
My husband and I purchased this totally original unit in a 1955 New York City co-op apartment. Everything was covered in layers of hoarded belongings, water damage, rodent poop, and a few bonus (live) roaches. It all had to be replaced, starting with the kitchen! The enclosed 7x7' space may have been enough for some New Yorkers, but I always dreamed of a (mini) chef's kitchen. So we petitioned the building to let us knock down a wall and extended the kitchen into the dining area. This gave us a very precious additional 21 square feet and allowed us to convert the coat closet (visible on the left side of the first "before" photo) into my very first pantry! Another first for me was tiling a backsplash... this arabesque shape definitely wasn't the easiest choice. But in the end, I absolutely love the way it turned out... tears and all.

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