(Image credit: Eva Kosmas Flores)

Last summer, Eva and her husband bought a 1930s cottage-style home in Portland, Oregon. And because Eva is a blogger at Adventures in Cooking and a soon-to-be cookbook author, she needed a kitchen that was photo-shoot ready. With some elbow grease and a lucky Craigslist find, Eva and her husband completely transformed their kitchen.

(Image credit: Eva Kosmas Flores)

To start, they decided that instead of the breakfast nook, they wanted more cooking and counter space. So knocking down the archway and replacing the sliding glass doors with windows was the first thing on the agenda.

The vintage gas range was a lucky find on Craigslist and required some rerouting of the gas lines from the basement, but to have a stovetop filled with natural light? We think it's completely worth it.

(Image credit: Eva Kosmas Flores)

In addition to doing all the demolition themselves, Eva's husband built the reclaimed wood open shelving and countertops. The cabinets came from a local Portland cabinet shop.

Finally, Eva is an avid gardener, so she wanted to incorporate plants into her kitchen. She decided to go with ferns, leafy vines, and moss since they can survive on low light and help clean the air, which was important with the gas range.

Thanks so much for sharing your remodel with us, Eva!

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