Before & After: Plain Black Stove Knobs Get a Hot New Look

Reader Project

As Sheryl Crow said, I think a change (a change will do you) will do you good. A while ago Kitchn reader Olga became obsessed with changing up the black knobs on her stove. She wanted red knobs, but couldn't find any to buy. So instead, she took matters into her own hands. "One of the easiest projects ever," she wrote to us. Check out her stove knobs now!

Woo-hoo, red! As she wrote on her blog Mango & Tomato, here's how she did it:

I bought red spray paint that works for plastic surfaces and doesn't require any prep at Ace Hardware and last Saturday night went outside of my condo to spray paint. All you need is an old shower curtain, a spray paint bottle, some patience, and a few sticks... I put the stove knobs on random branches I found in the parking lot and spray painted them red. Then stuck the sticks in the ground to dry. Repeat 3 times.

She does note that since she had a gas stove, she didn't need to worry about the markings for high, medium, and low, since she can see the flame and just regulate the temperature by sight. But, "if you have an electric stove, you'll have to make sure not to spray paint over those words," she says.

Read more about the project at Olga's blog → Mango & Tomato

Thanks for sharing, Olga!

(Image credits: Olga of Mango & Tomato)