Before & After: Installing DIY Stainless Steel Countertops

The Home Project

Do you love the look of stainless steel countertops? They simply make my heart sing, but I'd never considered attempting to get the look without professional help. Check out how these homeowners cut the cost by leaps and bound and did it themselves.

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We checked in with Linn and her husband over at The Home Project where they've been working their way through their first home making the space as efficient as possible. The kitchen is only 90 square feet and needed some updating. The end result is a thing of beauty.

They loved the look of stainless steel counters and in a space this small it works well to add a little glitz to the room. The downfall is that ordering countertops of this style from a retail establishment doesn't come cheap. Looking to keep the price down, they checked into more affordable methods.

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After speaking with a local a local metal shop, they were able to take the cost down to $20 per square foot (which was far better than the big box retail quote of $150/sqft). The key was making a template of their old countertops. Once that was done, the custom cut piece was delivered and they glued it in place. The look is great. Use it on an island, a prep space, a full length of counters, no matter what, this is hands down the most affordable option we've seen yet!

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