Before & After: Adrienne's $5,000 Fixer-Upper Kitchen

The Big Reveal


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Chicago, IL
United States
About my kitchen reveal:
After a job layoff and relocation plans we needed to sell the fixer upper we had just bought in Colorado Springs. We had to do it on a budget and quickly. We reused the vintage metal cabinets (had them powder coated), got a remnant piece of granite, used some extra tiles we had from a bathroom project, and did the whole thing in two months for around $5000.

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My best tip for a successful kitchen makeover:
Don't panic if you don't think you can do something. There's lots of info online on how to do pretty much everything.
My favorite meal to cook in my kitchen:
Well, we did sell the house, 10 days after listing it. But during that time I liked making salads with veggies from my backyard garden.

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