Beer Review: Trade Winds Tripel Summer Seasonal from The Bruery

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How could I say no to a sweet and fruity Belgian tripel brewed with, as the description states, "a Southeast Asian twist"? The twist in this case was a dose of rice in the brew's grain bill to lighten the body and some thai basil for spicy fresh flavor. Nope, there was no saying no to this one.Beer Details: Trade Winds Tripel Summer Seasonal from The Bruery, Placentia, CA (Belgian-style Golden Ale, ABV: 8%, IBU: 25)

Appearance: Sunset orange against the light with a fluffy head of crisp white foam.

Aroma: This smells like walking into a candy shop—lots of soft cooked sugar and sweet fruit aromas.

Taste: This is a beer to make you smile and sigh with contentment. It's sweet and fruity, but with a really nice crisp edge and a semi-dry finish.

Fresh orange, fuzzy peach, sweet apricot, dried apple, and ripe banana all swirl together into a juicy fruit punch of flavors. Tutti-frutti! Spicy notes of coriander, white pepper, cardamom, and a touch of warm cinnamon make it intriguing. Sadly, however, I don't get a strong sense of the thai basil.

I like the lightness in the body from the rice. Combined with a lively carbonation, this gives us a super refreshing beer to enjoy on a hot summer afternoon.

Food Pairings: I'd call this a first-course beer: try it with a tossed salad of ripe summer veggies, bits of rich cheese, and crunchy croutons with a tangy herb vinaigrette.

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(Image: Emma Christensen)

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