Beer Review: Our Finest Regards from Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project

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Winter storms and dreary days require strong beers to fortify our spirits. These are the days for barleywines, and this one from Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project will do that and then some. And then some more. If you are tired of being cold and ready to get tucked under a blanket, then this is the beer you want in your glass.

Beer Details: Our Finest Regards from Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project, Somerville, MA (British Barleywine, 12.1% ABV)

Appearance: Dark ruby colored with zero haze and a smattering of foamy bubbles swirling on the surface.

Aroma: Roasted chestnuts, milk chocolate, figs and dates

Taste: This beer's got layers. Oh, yes, indeed. There's a deep fruitiness like late-summer jams: figs, currants, plums. Then there's also a layer of toasty nuts — nuts that are bordering on burnt but still on the right side of delicious. Malts add a swirl of dark caramel, molasses, and earthy buckwheat honey. Plus a splash of rum-like vanilla. There's a touch of smokiness tying everything together and which I love. Love x 1 million.

I could just keep sipping this one for hours. It's really that good. The carbonation is just perfect — enough so that you know you're drinking a beer, but not distracting. The whole beer is balanced and just truly spot on. More like this one, please.

(Image credits: Emma Christensen)